According to an ancient myth, Thassos was the island of the Sirens, half women, half fish with angelic voices. It is said that they had such a beautiful voice that every man who heard them sing, fell under their spell and never left the island again. Nowadays, the Sirens will not be able to capture you to the island anymore, but its beauty will. Golden beaches, blonde seashores, picturesque bays, crystal blue waters, olive groves, shady forests, cliffs, rivers, waterfalls comprise the palette of the astonishing nature of Thassos island. All these, combined with delicious food, good people and amazing accommodation, such as Dhotels, makes it the perfect choice for quality vacations. Another good feature of this island is its location. It is located close to two big cities of Northern Greece, Kavala and Thessaloniki and it is easily accessible by car and boat.