Menel The Tree House

”If you live in a tree house, what you want from the world becomes what a tree wants from the world”.

Menel The Tree House is a unique, totally “green” hotel which combines all the modern amenities with eco-friendly policies and respect for the environment. The Dhotels are proud to present this new addition to their group, especially because it is the first “green” hotel created in the island of Thassos. Our moto is “all together we can save the planet”. Driven by this urge, we created all of our hotels with the greatest respect to the nature and the surroundings of the island, with Menel The Tree House being the crown jewel of this effort. It is located in the village of Limenaria and it has an amazing view to its port and the nearby beach.

The seven rules of a green hotel we follow in a daily basis

  1. Save water
  2. Reduce waste
  3. Recycle
  4. Minimize energy footprint
  5. Offer biological and local products to the quests
  6. Use renewable energy sources
  7. Build environmental culture and communicate it to staff and guests

Sea view

Mountain view

Besides our love for the environment, we love providing our guests with the best amenities and services. That is why in our modern tree house you will find fully equipped rooms, the amenities that Dhotels are known for, roof garden with a jacuzzi, breakfast prepared by executive chef only with the best local ingredients and the D app, an application which provide all the information about your stay at the hotel and the island. Also, Menel’s guests have special prices and packages in order to enjoy the facilities of the Blue Dream Palace which is located at Tripiti beach.

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Menel The Tree House

Limenaria, Thasos, 640 02

tel. 6978323893

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